Monthly Archives: August 2012

Designation: Good News for Kansas and Lawrence patients

I was very proud of my alma mater this summer. The National Cancer Center designation for the KU Cancer Center recognizes what Kansans have known for some time. There’s great medical care locally. Yes, cancer patients have been traveling to St. Louis, Iowa, Denver and really all over the country seeking treatment in new trials, but there’s now third-party validation that for more than a decade, Kansans have had high-quality cancer treatment.

The designation is expected to bring new opportunities for patients fighting cancer.  The designation means more research trials on treatments and new interest from pharmaceutical companies testing new medications.

I have had a few people ask, “What does the designation mean for patients getting treatment in Lawrence?” My response is “It is good news for Kansans and even better news for Lawrence residents”.

The opportunities to participate in research trials for new treatments don’t require patients to drive to Kansas City for radiation therapy.  Much like physicians coordinate a patient’s care currently with procedures and treatments conducted at various locations but all the reporting and imaging being shared with the ordering physician, patients will be able to participate in trials and still remain in Lawrence for therapy.

I offer my congratulations to KU Cancer Center on receiving the national designation and showcasing Kansas as a premier cancer treatment provider.  I look forward to the opportunities our residents will have and I wish the Cancer Center the best as it strives for the next goal – obtaining comprehensive status.