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The Insurance Secret That Can Save You Thousands in Cancer Care

Here’s a cancer care savings secret the hospitals don’t want you to know. You will pay more for your cancer care at a big hospital than you will at a smaller non-hospital based clinic. Is that because they offer better equipment, better doctors, or better cure rates? No. It’s because they are allowed, by insurance companies and Medicare, to charge more. There’s nothing illegal or unethical about it. It’s simply the way the system is set up. But virtually no cancer patients know this.

Get Equal Cancer Care with Significant Cost Savings

At Precision Cancer Care, we provide equal cancer care at about ⅔ the cost of the big hospitals. Because of deductibles, this directly affects patient out-of-pocket costs. This little-known insurance advantage can save you thousands. Hospital radiation therapy centers are allowed a  20-40% upcharge in the price of treatment (NCI-designated cancer centers are allowed to charge even more money). It’s perfectly legal. It’s just the way the system works.

Why Patients Pay More for Hospital Cancer Care

Because this is news to most people, let us explain in a bit more detail why patients needlessly pay more for their cancer care. The main reason is that they think they will get better care at the hospital. After all, the hospitals are always advertising how great their cure rate is, so it must be better care, right? Wrong. What exactly does better care consist of?

Do Hospitals Have Better Doctors?  

Our board certified radiation oncologist physicians at Precision Cancer Care treatment center received their training at NCI- designated cancer centers including MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Kansas Medical Center, and at other National Cancer Institute designated facilities. At our facility, you will also be treated by these skilled physicians, not a resident who is learning. Board certified radiation oncologists follow the same national guidelines for treatment planning and radiation dose prescription, based upon standards of care and the results of clinical trials, which means you will be getting the same treatment regardless of where you receive your care.

Better Equipment? No.

We use the same equipment as the big hospitals. Our photon therapy is extremely effective at targeting and destroying tumors. We have Electron Beam Radiotherapy, 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy delivered with photons and computer planning, Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) for precise targeting of tumors, Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) when we need a more complex radiation therapy beam arrangement, Stereotactic Body RadioTherapy (SBRT) and Stereotactic RadioSurgery (SRS) both of which can be used to treat tumors in the brain or body with effectiveness equal to surgical removal, without  the surgical risks of infection or anesthesia.

Better Cure Rates? No.

This is the area that is the most misleading. In the panic following a cancer  diagnosis, patients don’t consider the cost of care. They focus on survival – understandably. All they want to know is the cure rate. So big hospital marketing systems take advantage of that fear and anxiety in patients and advertise better or higher cure rates. Learn more here – link to Truth in Advertising page. Those promises are a false narrative – an untruth. We want you to know the truth.

What Doctor-Owned Cancer Treatment Centers Offer That the Hospitals Can’t

When it comes to cancer care savings, here’s something to think about. At Precision Cancer Care, we are proud to be able to  offer the same care and cure rates as the big hospitals at a fraction of the cost. We’re proud we provide these lifesaving treatments with state-of-the-art technology and board certified physicians. But what we’re most proud of is that we offer convenience and value the big hospitals simply can’t. 

Cancer Care That’s Closer, More Convenient, and Cost Effective 

At Precision Cancer Care, you get cutting-edge cancer care that’s closer to home, convenient, and more cost-effective. Large hospitals, driven by competitive administrators, are preying on patients’ hopes and fears, misleading patients about cure rates, which results in patients and their families driving further, paying more, and getting less personal care, often with residents who are in training rather than board certified physicians. We want you to know all the facts about cancer care savings before making a decision. You can stay close to home, get the highest quality of care, and it will cost you less at Precision Cancer Care. 

We know you have a choice when it comes to cancer treatment centers. We know you want the very best care. We hope this information will help you choose based on reality, not false advertising. Either way you choose, a hospital-based cancer treatment center, or our independent, doctor-owned cancer treatment center, we wish you the best in your cancer journey.

At Precision Cancer Care, we offer cure rates equal to NCI-designated hospitals, but with locations in Lawrence, Ottawa, and Chanute. For the latest in cancer care technology close to home, call us at (785) 749-3600, or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our board certified physicians. We hope you will choose Precision Cancer Care for your treatment and also consider us for a second opinion. Precision Cancer Care – Precisely Where You Should Be.