Care Cost Comparison

The Federal Government mandates that all hospitals post on their website their charges for care. While it is difficult to navigate this information for patients, it is safe to say that Precision Cancer Care, because it is a freestanding physician owned facility and not hospital based, results in a decreased expense for patients on the order of 30-40%. This means the exact same level of care is provided to patients for a 30-40% savings. For patients who have a deductible, this can result in savings of thousands of dollars by coming to any one of the three Precision Cancer Care locations in Lawrence, Ottawa, and Chanute. It is well established and can be validated by patients when they go for consultations, the cost of their care is significantly diminished at our facilities compared to hospital-based radiation oncology facilities and without any sacrifice in quality of services.

We encourage you to come here for a second opinion and compare the cost of care and the compassionate staff who will be providing it with those of centers in Kansas City. Just to be clear, the Federal Government, Medicare rules allow hospitals like the University of Kansas and Shawnee Mission Medical Center to charge 30-50% more for the exact services that we provide at Precision Cancer Care. We know they can and we know they will.