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I was offered jobs at KU Medical Center and the MD Anderson Cancer Center and I declined those job offers because I wanted to be in Lawrence. I’m a native Kansan and I love the Lawrence community. We wanted a place where we could raise our children and where patients are really appreciative about the care we provide. That’s the essence of why we started here. We have really enjoyed living in Lawrence for the last fifteen years and we are extremely proud of the level of care we provide at Precision Cancer Care.

Darren Klish, MD

Radiation Oncologist

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It brings me great satisfaction to know that the care we deliver is equal to or better than what patients could get from driving into Kansas City. We are delivering cure rates equal to the big hospitals. Our board certified radiation oncologists received their training at NCI-designated cancer centers. Our patients have access to advanced radiation therapy technology, including cone beam image guidance radiation therapy (IMRT). But instead of driving to a large hospital system that’s 30-60 minutes away, our patients can enjoy the convenience and personal attention of a hometown staff who bring compassionate care to their neighbors. It’s really the best of both worlds.

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Our patients tell us that having cancer care close to home has made a big difference in their lives. Our facilities are smaller, friendlier, and easier to navigate than the big hospital systems. You can pull up and park right out front. Our radiation therapy and chemotherapy departments are connected by a doorway, not a highway.

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And if the convenience alone doesn’t convince you, our staff is the icing on the cake. We not only take care of your cancer with cutting-edge technology and the latest radiology treatments, we take care of the rest of you too. Our staff helps you navigate nutrition, stress management, and even finances.

Visit Us for a Cancer Second Opinion

We encourage you to visit us for a cancer second opinion and compare the convenience and cost of care with those of centers in downtown Kansas City. The federal government’s Medicare rules allow hospitals to charge more for the exact services that we provide at Precision Cancer Care. Come see us for the best cancer care and enjoy convenience and savings as well.

Excellent Cancer Care Is Closer Than You Think

We are proud to be able to provide these lifesaving treatments with state-of-the-art technology and board certified physicians in our Lawrence, Chanute, and Ottawa radiation centers. We offer the same care as the big hospitals downtown plus we offer convenience and value they simply can’t. We hope you will choose Precision Cancer Care for your treatment and also consider us for a second opinion.

At Precision Cancer Care, we offer cure rates equal to NCI-designated hospitals, but with locations in Lawrence, Ottawa, and Chanute. For the latest in cancer care technology close to home, call us at (785) 749-3600, or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our board certified physicians.

Cancer Care That's Personal

We not only take care of your cancer with cutting-edge medicine, we take care of the rest of you too. We know there's more to cancer care than simply providing the best medical care. Our staff helps you navigate nutrition, stress management, and even finances. At Precision Cancer Care, our passion for cancer care is rivaled only by our compassion for our patients.

Precision Cancer Care - Precisely Where You Should Be.