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330 Arkansas St., Suite 120 Lawrence, KS 66044
Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Local Oncologists & Cancer Care in Lawrence, KS

We strive to offer comprehensive radiation oncology services in Lawrence, KS. Accredited by the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO), our department adheres to the practice standards put forth by our national organization, to reflect clinical and scientific advances within the cancer treatment and cancer care field, providing the safe and effective practice of radiation therapy.

External Beam Radiotherapy

  • Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)
  • Image-guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)
  • 3D Conformal Radiotherapy (3DCRT)
  • Electron Beam Radiotherapy
  • Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy (SBRT)
  • Stereotactic Radio Surgery (SRS)

Respiratory Motion Management

For patients with lopsided breast cancer, lung and some abdominal malignancies. It helps further protect the patient’s normal anatomy, such as healthy heart and lung tissue, while enabling more focused cancer care treatments in Lawrence, KS.

“Dr. Klish and his staff took great care of me. I always look forward to his smile and positive energy. He and his team helped me through a difficult course of treatment to tongue cancer, and now I'm cured.”
John P.
Lawrence, KS

Cancer Care That's Personal

We not only take care of your cancer with cutting-edge medicine, we take care of the rest of you too. We know there's more to cancer care than simply providing the best medical care. Our staff helps you navigate nutrition, stress management, and even finances. At Precision Cancer Care, our passion for cancer care is rivaled only by our compassion for our patients.

Precision Cancer Care - Precisely Where You Should Be.