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Metastatic Disease – Cancer That Has Spread to Other Organs

Metastatic cancer is cancer that spreads from its original site to another part of the body. For many types of cancer, it is also called stage IV (4) cancer. In some situations, metastatic cancer can be cured, but most commonly, treatment does not cure the cancer. Treatment can, however, slow its growth and reduce symptoms. It is possible to live for many months or years with certain types of cancer, even after the development of metastatic disease.

Chemotherapy for Metastatic Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy is considered a systemic treatment because the drugs travel throughout the body, and can kill cancer cells that have metastasized to parts of the body far away from the original tumor. This makes it different from treatments like surgery and radiation.

Surgery for Metastatic Cancer Treatment

Surgery is not the main treatment once a cancer has metastasized. However, surgery is sometimes used to reduce primary tumor size so that radiation therapy and chemotherapy may be more effective.

Radiation for Metastatic Cancer Treatment

While radiation is not the main treatment for metastatic cancer, it is sometimes used to shrink and help control specific spots where the cancer has spread. Pain caused by cancer that has spread to the spine, for example, can be treated with SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy), a type of precise, high-dose radiation therapy. Also, when tumors in bones grow, causing pain, radiation may be used to shrink the tumors to reduce the pain.

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