There’s More to Cancer Care than Treatments

There’s More to Cancer Care than Treatments

At Precision Cancer Care, we’re proud to offer the best in cancer care. Our cure rates are equal to those of NCI-Designated hospitals, but we offer cancer care at locations in Lawrence, Ottawa, and Chanute. Cutting-edge care is our first priority. But our care goes much deeper than that. We offer whole-person cancer care.

A Cancer Diagnosis Is the Beginning of a Journey

We understand that a cancer diagnosis is just the beginning of your cancer journey. While your physical health is our main concern, we know that your body is just one part of the whole person. A cancer diagnosis can take its toll on other parts of your life as well. It can affect your mind, emotions, finances, nutrition, and relationships. Those are all important aspects of your cancer journey because they ultimately affect your well being.

Whole-Person Cancer Care

We will help you navigate the waters. Our cancer support team is trained and experienced. They have the knowledge and the resources to skillfully guide you through your cancer journey so you can focus on getting well. Our whole-person cancer care covers more than your physical well-being:


Patients repeatedly tell us how kind and caring our staff are. The top of our mission is to provide compassionate care. When patients are vulnerable, when they are tired, when they feel anxious, we meet them with kindness and compassion, something that can’t be replicated in a massive health care system. And we believe when you are struggling through cancer treatment, it can be the most valuable part of your care.

Stress Management

Stress is never good for your health. Unfortunately, a cancer diagnosis adds lots of stress, but not just in the obvious ways. It disrupts your sense of “normal” life. It adds fear and worry which steals your inner peace. Stress management is one of the services we think is critical to your health. Our cancer team can help offer you strategies for stress management.

One of the biggest advantages PCC has over the downtown hospitals is that we are close to home, so you don’t have to deal with traveling, traffic, parking, and walking long distances to get to your appointments. Staying closer to home can reduce stress, reduce time away from home for treatment, and increase time spent near family, friends, neighbors and other support groups. Getting care close to home also reduces the financial toxicity of traveling hours for your care.

Financial Guidance

Medical costs, insurance, deductibles, confusing medical jargon – it’s all confusing and stress-inducing. That’s why we offer financial guidance to our patients. Helping you decipher medical billing and coding, understand insurance paperwork, and letting you know about payment plans and options can greatly relieve the burden many patients feel on their journey.

One big advantage you get with PCC vs. the big downtown hospitals is savings. Most people don’t realize it, but hospitals are allowed by Medicare and insurance companies to charge more for the same services than doctor-owned practices and care centers. You will actually see savings by choosing a non-hospital provider. This is a pleasant surprise for most of our patients.


Getting the right nutrition can be challenging during cancer care. Treatments can cause nausea, trouble swallowing, lack of appetite, and other conditions that make it hard to eat. Our staff will help guide your nutrition to make sure you get the right nutrients to keep your strength up and your body ready for treatments.

Your mind and spirit are linked to your body and keeping them positive and hopeful is important in the fight against cancer. The better you feel, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, the better your journey, and the faster your recovery will be. We know there’s a lot more to cancer than radiation and chemotherapy. At Precision Cancer Care, we focus on the whole person, not just the physical.

Cancer Care Close to Home

If you or someone you love is facing a cancer diagnosis, visit us At Precision Cancer Care for the latest in cancer care technology close to home. We offer cure rates equal to NCI-designated hospitals, but with locations in Lawrence, Ottawa, and Chanute.

Call us at (785) 749-3600, or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our board certified physicians. We hope you will choose Precision Cancer Care for your treatment and also consider us for a second opinion. Precision Cancer Care – Precisely Where You Should Be.


Precision Cancer Care - Precisely Where You Should Be.